Rossleaf's WHY...

"I grew up, went to school and lived in Uradi... Had my circumstances been different, I wouldn't have blossomed to the woman i am today..., Education is the key!"

                                                                                                           _ J. Oluoch

Uradi Village

Uradi! A place full of love, culture and most of all, hardworking individuals. Growing up in Uradi was the best gift in the world.  I grew up not having a lot and through it all I have appreciated every single moment I had with my family, friends and members of my community. This preparation was essential in molding the woman I am today.  Education is very important to members of my community. Every day I witnessed how people struggle; I watched my grandmother walk for miles looking for food for our family members and somehow we managed to come together to help each other succeed.  It would only be right to give back to my community and help others become successful as I did not do it alone. Uradi is my paradise!

Style & Quality

All of our products come from Kenya. We are proud to have relationships with several women who create our unique products. We have specifically chosen the artists based on their craft and we offer them a fair value for their products; importantly, we stay in contact with them with an understanding that we will be their customer and a source of income

Most of our products are hand made by women- for women. The products are not perfect and may have their own idiosyncratic pattern that speaks to the originality of artistry and attention to detail. freedom of expression in design is highly encouraged and sought after. 

We at Rossleaf strive to do our best to uphold the quality of our products. We favor unique designs with a local flair that give the distinct African appeal and vibrance. 

Rossleaf Scholarship

The education system in Kenya is adequate in providing the necessary tools to improve your standards of living-- most importantly it gives women an opportunity in sculpting their future. The village of Uradi is no exception; however, to be able to curtail the cycle of poverty, a High School education is imperative. 

Uradi is a patriarchal  community where girls may not get the same opportunity in education as boys. Smart, ambitious girls are unable to afford a high school education stemming from several social factors; notwithstanding, the financial burden to families.

We at Rossleaf, through the Rossleaf Scholarship pledge to educate a girl from Uradi through High School education-- 4 years. We will have a transparent system where we will pick a girl from Uradi Village who has performed exemplary well in primary education (KCPE examination) and has been accepted to a National High school, but cannot attend school because of finances. We plan on having our first sponsored girl start High School education in 2020- (2019 KCPE graduating class).


“Gilrs should have the same opportunity in education as boys. We at Rossleaf are committed to this effort; however, it is only possible through your generous contributions... Transparency in the selection process is our pledge to you
— Edwin Juma

Rossleaf Sponsorship Donations

Nyanza province

Uradi Village is in Nyanza province, Kenya .